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Craigslist Posting Tips And Tricks Guide

Who would have guessed that one of the most exciting marketing opportunities online would be one conceived out of a simple need to connect people with cool happenings and apartments in San Francisco? That is just what happened when in 1995 Craig Newmark, founder of decided to lend a hand in the crazy rental market in his city. What started as a simple idea has grown into an international phenomenon and a huge opportunity for savvy marketers. is unlike any other commercial website online today. The sparse pages are functional but lack the polish that we have come to expect, and yet it works. It works very well! Craigslist features no banner ads and it is free to post in most sections. You might think, "how can something so simple, be so effective?" Craigslist harnesses the relationship between connectivity and community and opens up the world to everyone. Connectivity makes it possible for people anywhere to communicate via the web, sell goods and services, make friends, find jobs or just rant. The community is what makes Craigslist so unique. You are connecting inside your own regional community or marketing to specific areas of the world instead of broadcasting to the entire worldwide web all at once and hoping for someone to "find it".

What people like about Craigslist:

  • Giving people a voice
  • A sense of trust and even intimacy
  • Consistency of down-to-earth values
  • Simplicity
  • No charges, except for job postings
  • Freshness of the material
  • No ads, particularly no banner ads

Craigslist allows users to post in 9 major categories in over 190 cities in many countries across the globe. All postings are FREE, except job postings in a few major cities. Even then, the cost to post is well below market average. A noble mission backs Craigslist, as well as a foundation that aims to help non-profits succeed. Craigslist is not a money hungry corporate conglomerate, but a great idea born out of activism. But do not let Craigslist fool you, it is an open market for every combination of business: b2c, c2c and b2b. Similar to eBay, but capable of much more, Craigslist allows users to sell spare parts, legal services, find a job or a soul mate all in one space. This captive audience of 10 million plus people each month is a marketer's dream.

After all, I should know. Upon arrival to my new home in Orange County, California I was faced with a whole new and much larger community. I was far from the shady beaches and cool breezes of Florida and thrown into the busy, fast world of Southern California. I longed for a way to understand the vast expanse of my new area, but found that searching the web for something local was simply not easy. No longer did the newspaper classifieds represent the job market or availability of goods in my community.

That was when I found Craigslist. Finally, I had found a place to buy and sell stuff, meet people, get a car, find a house and even a job. Within one year I had purchased a home, met my best friend, started a business with new clients, and purchased a new bed, car and even lawnmower...all using Craigslist. I also found service providers for just about every need, an accountant, lawyer, babysitter and landscaper. All of my community needs and beyond were fulfilled by this simple, community driven listing service. I reached out in ways I never would have if a price tag had been attached. Then I put my marketing hat on...and the animated light bulb went off above my head. I needed to understand how this simple idea had me so mesmerized. That began a year's worth of research and collaboration.

As I studied Craigslist I found that it is much more than just community classifieds. It feeds website traffic, places #1 for popular local key phrases and serves as a powerful central repository of answers for every imaginable question, at both a regional and global level.

Captive Audience + Targeted Placement + Optimization = Sales

The equation for making money on Craigslist is just as simple as Craigslist itself. By understanding how each section of Craigslist works, the market of people looking for my services or product and strategizing for optimal conversion, I have been able to make a ton of money on Craigslist.

Craigslist has:

  • Doubled traffic to my website
  • Given me a new and free advertising venue
  • Allowed me to sell products I would not on an auction website
  • Fed my auction websites with traffic
  • Built powerful regional customer relationships which continue to produce sales
  • Helped me find partners to provide more services
  • Allowed me to take part in the growth of my community and much more...

It can and will do this for you, but you have to know the best way to use the system. I created this article to make it easier for people everywhere to achieve their business goals using Craigslist. This guide includes tips and tricks learned over years of active marketing in this medium. By using my proven strategy, you too will understand the simple power of this community marketing tool.

As an aside - I'm very glad that Jon Gruden is going to be the Raiders head coach again. The Raiders have not been the same since Jon was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all those years ago! I love you Chucky, #RaiderNation for life!

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